ARC (Arcade Creek at Winding Way)[A01] Arden Wy (Chicken Ranch Slough)[A02] Beach Lake (Beach Lake/Morrison)[A03] County Branch Center [A04] Corabel Ln (Chicken Ranch Slough)[A05] Chicago [A06] RCCC (Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center)[A07] Cresta Park Rain Gage D05 Detention Basin at American River [A09] D05 Pump Station [A10] Eagles Nest Rd (Laguna Creek)[A11] Elkhorn Blvd (Dry Creek Overflow)[A13 Walnut Grove (Georgiana Slough Bridge)[A14] Ione Road Rain Gage [A15] Lambert Rd (Stone Lake Outfall)[A16] Metro (International Airport)[A17] Navion Rain Gage [A18] Orangevale Rain Gage [A19] Rancho Cordova Rain gage [A20] Rio Linda Rain Gage [A21] Sunrise Blvd (Arcade Creek)[A23] Van Maren Ln (Cripple Creek)[A24] Linda Creek at Indian Creek Dr)[A25] Prairie City Park [A27] Morrisn Creek at Florin Rd [A28] Regional (SRWTP) (Laguna Creek)[A29] Elder Creek (Elder Creek)[A30] Unionhouse Creek at Alpine Frost Dr [A31] Unionhouse Creek at Cosumnes River Blvd [A32] Florin Creek at Stockton Blvd [A33] Herald [A34] Magpie Creek at Watt Ave [A35] Arcade Creek at Watt Ave [A36] Laguna Creek at Waterman Rd [A37] Michigan Bar (Cosumnes River)[A38] Bensons Ferry (Mokelumne River at Franklin Blvd)[A40] Cosumnes River at Wilton Rd [A41] Deer Creek at Wilton Rd [A42] D15 (NEMDC)[A44] Channel Ct (Strong Ranch Slough)[A45] Robla Creek at Marysville Blvd [A46] Deer Creek at Scott Rd [A47] Cripple Creek at Sunrise [A48] Morrison Creek at South Watt [A49] Alta-Arden (Chicken Ranch Slough) [A50] Greenback Ln (Arcade Creek) [A51] Clay Station (Dry Creek) [A52] Prichard Lake [A53] Mather Airport [A54] Carpenter Hill [A55] Northrop [A56] Sherman Island [A57] Pasadena [A58] Metro [A59] Morrison Creek at Mack Rd - City [C01] Arcade Creek at EMD [C02] Raley Blvd (Magpie Creek) [C03] NEMDC (City) [C04] EDC-City (East Drainage Canel)[C05] Marysville Blvd - Well #127 (Arcade Creek)[C06] Folsom City Water Treatment Plant [F01] Ashland - Folsom City [F02] Los Cerros - Folsom City [F03] Aurburn Airport [P01] Wise Forebay [P02] Doty Ravine at McCourtney Rd [P03] Aurburn  Dam [P04] Aurburn  Ravine at Fowler Nursery [P05] Godley Lane [P06] Dry Creek at Bell Rd [P07] Lincoln Airport [L01] Diamond Oaks [R01] Roseville F.S. # 2 [R02] Vernon St (Dry Creek) [R03] Target [R04] Linda Creek [R05] Cirby Creek at Loretto Dr [R06] Champion Oaks [R07] Cirby Creek at Tina Way [R08] Roseville H20 Plant [R10] WWTP Booth Rd [R12] Del Oro H.S. [R14] Miners Ravine [R15] Strap Ravine [R16] Miners Ravine at Moss Ln [R17] Antelope Creek [R18] Caperton Reservoir [R19] Loomis Observatory [R20] Newcastle [R21] Sierra College [R22] Secret Ravine [R23] Royer Park [R24] Folsom Lake at Mormon Is. [S01] Woodland (Yolo County)[Y01] Dry Creek Water Shed Map Arcade Creek Water Shed Map Lower American River Water Shed Map Morrison Creek Water Shed Map Beach Lake Water Shed Map Cosumnes River Water Shed Map

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